Things You Need to Know about iPhone X

Know about iPhone X

Smartphone is a necessity and consist of all the essentials you need in a compact form. You can write a daily schedule, email, calculate, check trending news and a lot more with just one click. When it comes to choosing the one, Apple is one of the best-selling brands among all. iPhones are innovative smartphones that have conquered the market and the reasons are obvious. Every year Apple launches a new model of some of its products and with it, tons of questions arise in everyone’s mind. This time Apple has released its phenomenal iPhone X with a wide range of marvellous features and few body changes.

Here we will provide the information you need to know about amazing iPhone X.

Display – The iPhone has long been the big-bezelled wonder of the smartphone world, so it is great to see iPhone X ditching the screen surround and going slimline for the first time. The 5.8in display fills the entire screen of the phone. A tiny notch sticks out at the top leaving room for front camera module and speaker. 

Face ID – With no home button, the iPhone X may seem a little lax on security, but that is because you don’t need to press anything at all. Instead of Touch ID, you get Face ID. The facial recognition technology is used to unlock the phone and also to be used when authenticating transactions for Apple Pay.

Portrait Selfies – The portrait mode on the iPhone already lets you play pro photographer, but iPhone X takes an even better snap thanks to portrait lighting. This new built-in technology now works with your selfies too.

Animoji – All that face recognition isn’t just for keeping your phone safe, it is also good for mapping your facial expressions. Perfect for sending to all your friends. Apple has introduced 12 animoji this time to play and more likely to introduce in the future.

So, these are just a few of the things explained about the marvellous iPhone X.